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As a professional Spanish voice-over artist, I have extensive experience producing various audio projects, but that’s not all. Eriel Studio offers a comprehensive service, assisting you at every step you need. From script review, correction, and adaptation, to translation, services like audio synchronization, complete post-production, professional subtitling, video editing… Just tell me what you need!

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Copywriting and Translation

Video Editing


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Customized Voice-Overs

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I have my own soundproofed and acoustically treated studio, equipped with high-quality professional gear – all to ensure impeccable audio quality.

In my over 10 years of experience, I’ve produced more than 3,000 audio projects, including:

My voice is reliable, approachable, friendly, professional, warm, firm… and I can adapt it to the style you need. In the “Voice Samples” section, you can find examples of my work. However, if you wish, you can send me your script, and I’ll be happy to provide a sample completely free of charge. This way, you can be confident my voice suits your needs.

“Awesome delivery, Very fast, Top-notch voiceover quality. The studio quality sound was awesome. I am using him for every Spanish voiceover project. Highly recommend Javier. Thanks a lot!”
Jyoti Bhandari

Post-Production for All Your Needs

Edición de audio en estudio

Once the recording is done, it’s time to make the audio shine. After a thorough review and professional editing and mastering, the audio will be perfect and ready to use.

Need something else? No problem. I can perfectly synchronize the audio with an existing video, add the music or sound effects you desire, integrate the audio into your video, split and name it into multiple files… Just tell me what you need, and I’ll take care of it.

Lastly, if you need any modifications once the audio is complete, just let me know, and I’ll make the necessary changes to ensure the final audio meets your expectations.

Edición de audio en estudio
Servicios de copywriting

A Perfect Script

Servicios de copywriting

Does your script need adjustments? I’ve got you covered. With extensive copywriting and proofreading experience, I can review, correct, and adapt your script to perfectly reflect your idea.

Furthermore, keep in mind that while the script may be correct, it might need adjustments to fit specific timing in narration, for instance, in cases where precise synchronization with a video or other content is necessary. Leave it to me.

Lastly, if your script is in English, I can translate it to perfect Spanish.

Translated Spanish texts are typically slightly longer than the original English ones. Therefore, if subsequent synchronization of the voice-over with an existing video or content is necessary, I’ll adapt the text to ensure the lengths match as closely as possible, thus ensuring proper timing.

Professional Subtitling

Servicios de traducción bibliográfica

I provide professional subtitling services. This entails creating each subtitle by strategically breaking down the text into carefully planned segments, maintaining suitable characters per second (cps) and length for easy and quick reading. I guarantee perfect synchronization for each subtitle.

Throughout, I adhere to the most common industry standards, including those set by platforms like Netflix.

You’ll receive the final format in your desired format, such as srt, vtt, ass…

If preferred, I can integrate the subtitles directly into the video using appropriate fonts and sizes for comfortable reading.

Servicios de traducción bibliográfica
Edición de videos en estudio profesional

Video Editing

Edición de videos en estudio profesional

In addition to audio, do you require video work? I can also offer video editing services, from editing and using titles, effects, and transitions, to subtitling functions.

I can also assist with creating videos from scratch, such as whiteboard or doodle videos, perfect for your presentations.

YouTube Specialist

Trabajos para YouTube

I’m an expert in the world’s largest video platform and currently provide my voice to various YouTube channels, some of which are highly successful, like Refugio Mental with over 14 million subscribers or Tech Zone with over 4 million. This has made my voice especially recognized and appreciated across the globe.

I can adapt to different styles, aligning with your channel’s theme and target audience.

Aside from providing the voice-over, if you already have your video created, I can synchronize it seamlessly with the existing content. You’ll only need to add the track with my audio directly to the video, or if you prefer, I can deliver the final video ready for uploading.

Need a Spanish version of an existing English channel? Using the original scripts of your English videos, I’ll handle the entire process – translation, adaptation, recording, post-production, and synchronization – delivering Spanish audio ready to overlay on your video, or the final video itself. Channel localization has never been easier!

Trabajos para YouTube