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I’m Javier Prieto, a professional native Spanish voice-over artist. For over 10 years, I’ve been producing various types of audio projects, recently under the brand Eriel Studio. I have my own soundproofed and acoustically treated studio, equipped with top-quality gear.

My work ethic is characterized by seriousness, honesty, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a comprehensive service from adapting the script to final revisions. I’ll make sure you receive a perfect result ready to use in your project.

My Voice

Javier Prieto Locutando

I’m a native Spanish speaker residing in Salamanca, a small city in the heart of Spain. The Spanish spoken in this region is considered one of the purest in the world, without any distinct accents. This makes it a neutral Spanish suitable for any Spanish-speaking country. My numerous satisfied clients around the world are a testament to this.

As for my voice, it’s reliable, approachable, friendly, professional, warm, firm… and can adapt to the style you need.

The Studio

Trabajando en el estudio del locutor Javier Prieto

My studio is soundproofed and acoustically treated to ensure the highest audio quality, free from external noises, echoes, or reverberations. I also use professional equipment, including RØDE microphones and an Audient audio interface. Alongside high-quality accessories and computer equipment, this guarantees the results your project deserves – entirely professional.

10 Years of Lending My Voice

Sobre mí

For more than 10 years, I’ve been involved in producing all kinds of audio projects, more recently under the Eriel Studio brand. In this time, I’ve completed over 3,000 projects, always receiving the highest praise from clients.

In my studio, I can professionally and swiftly produce various audio projects, including e-learning, commercials, corporate content, explainer videos, audio guides, IVR, and YouTube content.

Beyond just voicing your script, I offer an all-encompassing service, including synchronization, advanced audio and video editing, copywriting and translation, video editing, whiteboard and doodle video creation, professional subtitling, and more. Just tell me what you need!